Dave and I go back a ways, to when the Talking Heads were formed.
Glenn and I were sitting in this LA club called The Starwood, waiting
for John Cale to come on. We were talking to this guy named Chris Franz
who said that he and his wife (Tina Weymouth) had just finished cutting their first demo
that day with a guy named Dave. They were going to call the group The Talking Heads.
We were disc jockeys at a college radio station (KUCI - The Bozo Show) at the time,
so Chris gave us a copy of the demo to play on the air.  The demo was called
Talking Heads:  "Love ---->Building on Fire".
We played it on the air, but the phones didn't exactly ring off the hook.
The next year Talking Heads '77 came out, and the rest is history.
- Mr. Hollywood On-Line

Here are some pictures from the David Byrne tours:

David Byrne
The Coach House
September 04, 1997




David Byrne
El Rey Theatre
June1, 2001




David Byrne & St. Vincent
Segerstom Concert Hall
October 12, 2012

David Byrne & St. Vincent


David Byrne
The Shrine Auditorium
August 25, 2018

David Byrne
The Shrine Auditorium
August 25, 2018




David Byrne - "Playing The Building"


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