Mike Simmons and Susan West of  sparkle*jets u.k.
  sparkle*jets u.k.  
sparkle*jets u.k.
Wheat From Chaff Festival
May 04, 2001
The Gig - W.LA
sparkle*jets u.k.
September 21, 2001
Mr. T's Bowl
sparkle*jets u.k.
Anti-Valentines Day Show
February 15, 2003
Din Din's at Bamboo Terrace
sparkle*jets u.k.
May 06, 2001
Linda's Doll Hut
sparkle*jets u.k.
Febrary 11, 2000
Chain Reaction
sparkle*jets u.k.
May 18, 2001
Heatherton, Mr. Hollywood On-Line, Susan West
New Years Eve, 12-31-01

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