MAY 16, 2002
The Knitting Factory

The Record Release party for the new Stew CD - "The Naked Dutch Painter" was held in the main room of The Knitting Factory on May 16, 2002. "The Naked Dutch Painter" is a brilliant work, the second solo CD by the leader of The Negro Problem, Stew. Jackie Beat, The Temporary Thing, and The Freeloaders also performed at the show. After watching the warm-up and special introduction by KPFK's Barry Smolin from backstage, I headed out to the main floor for the start of the show. As soon as I took my first picture, a security guard (whom henceforth will be referred to as "Gestapo Boy") came up to me and began hassling me about taking pictures. GB-"Do you have a photography pass?" So I showed him my laminate/Stew/Kitting Factory All Access Pass. "Um, I'm the photographer for the band", I explained. GB-"I'm sorry sir, but you also need a separate photography pass". "Ok-fine let's go get one", I said. GB-"How about you just don't take any more pictures". Whatever. So I headed backstage again, only to find the entrance is guarded by none other than Gestapo Boy. (Yes, he left his post guarding the backstage area to come hassle the Stew photographer about taking pictures of Stew at his own record release party!) He begrudgingly lets me back, as I do have a pass for that, and once I am backstage again I meet up with the Knit stage manager and his assistant, who are totally cool with me taking pictures, as long as I stay backstage.  Therefore, most of the pictures shown here were taken from backstage. What we have here is an interesting, "behind the scenes" look at the Stew "Naked Dutch Painter"  Record Release Party. Check out the pics. Some weird stuff here.

Legendary TV - Jackie Beat
opened the show
Stew kicks off the party with 
a solo acoustic set
The Naked Dutch Painter in the factory does not want to do you


Heidi, Stew, Rob, & Morely

One from the balcony
Morely Bartnoff & Nelson Bragg







Clem Burke (Blondie) sat in on drums for the last two songs

Here's a couple of shots from the Stew Ensemble dressing room:

Heidi, Stew, Rob & Jeff chill out after the show

Clearly in love with Jackie Beat, Glenn tries to contain his emotions


Recording "The Naked Dutch Painter" - Alterknit Lounge - July 2001

Stew - "The Naked Dutch Painter"