September 28, 2002
The Knitting Factory
Hollywood, CA

The Negro Problem held their Record Release Party for their new CD
"Welcome Black" at the Knitting Factory on Friday, September 28, 2002.
This is the third release by The Negro Problem, in addition to the two Stew solo albums.
The band featured Stew, Heidi Rodewald, Josh Baldwin, Morely Bartnoff, Rob Tucker,
Lisa Jenio, Probyn Gregory, and Susan West.

David Ponak opened the show with
a solo version of "Welcome Black"

The Negro Problem
September 28, 2002
The Knitting Factory

Lisa Jenio & Susan West
Probyn Gregory



Susan, Stew, Josh, Heidi



Heidi, Morely, & Rob


The Negro Problem Discography

The Negro Problem - "Welcome Black"


Stew Discography



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