Solopsistic Trinket Pie
Jeff MacGregor (Solopsistics), Heather Stanfield (Trinket), Mark Fletcher (Spooky Pie)

The Problem with Sands in Your Wonderpants
Steve Stanley (The Now People), Darian Sahanaja (Wondermints), Lisa Jenio (Candypants),
Evie Sands, Heidi Rodewald (The Negro Problem)

Ellen McGuyer, Bobby Bognar (Piper Downs), Lisa Fuson

The Angelitos Mysteriosos
Morely Bartnoff (Cosmo Topper), Probyn Gregory (Wondermints), Lisa Mychols (The Masticators)
Carolyn Edwards, Steve Stanley (The Now People), Robbie Rist (Every Band in LA)

The Teacher and The Scientist
Sabrina Stevenson (3rd Grade Teacher), Mr. Hollywood On-Line (The Hollywoodz)
(Photo by Steve Cormack)

Steve Barton and The Sensations
Steve Barton (Translator), Lisa Mychols, Robbie Rist (The Masticators)

Christmas in Carpenteria
Kyle Vincent and Wendie Colter

Miss Lulu's Sex with Migs
Bernard Yin (The Migs), Miss Lulu of Hollywood (California Navels), Robbie Q (Sex with Lurch)

Paul Williams & Band

Mommy Blue Santa
Morely Bartnoff (Cosmo Topper), Probyn Gregory (Wondermints), Mike Randle (Baby Lemonade)

Masta Sparkle Pants with PJ Perry and Mr. Piano
Severo (Masticators), Mike Simmons & Susan West (Sparklejets UK),
Lisa Mychols (Masticators), Jamie Knight (Sparklejets UK), John Perry (Liberal Materialists)


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